Welcome to my own little world!

Updated:  21 August 2017

Update 3 Not much of an update today, other than to say that, just to be safe I added an SSL certificate to the site. Easy to get, a bit of a pain in the ass to make sure it applied correctly. At first, I was getting a 404 error. Clearing browser and website caches seemed to get it to work properly at least on my end. Hopefully, within the next day or two I will start getting new content for your reading pleasure

Update 2 It’s a huge step up from the set up I had set up on Blogger. I really liked the idea somebody, or multiple somebodies were out there was reading my ramblings and rants. The results of mass import of my Blogger posts was less successful than I had hoped it would have been. As result, https://perrychalmers.blogspot.ca/ will stay up as an archive. This site is still a work on progress, there still a few things I am trying to figure out on the WordPress platform and how to make everything work the way I want it to. So far so good.

Update 1 My hope is that I will be able to keep this message here, and just update it regularly. I would like the most recent 3-5 posts appear here. With the separate pages, the plan to have related posts appear only on the specific page. Should help those readers that don’t give rat’s ass about anything I am ranting about under a different topic . I hope!

Thanks for stopping by, check back often!

~ Perry ~